The Tumba Paper Mill is a scenic and listed area, meaning it is preserved for its cultural history. It is a place where you can relax and learn about Swedish paper mill history.

On the mill site you will find four buildings with different uses and character. Each buildings presents part of the mill, the origins of banknote production and its history. You can also enjoy something to eat or perhaps buy a souvenir of your visit.

Down to earth

An exhibition based on life at Tumba Paper Mill around the turn of the last century, and how its inhabitants lived self-sufficently. You will also meet people living sustainably today. The exhibition, which is suited for both adults and families, takes place both inside the museum and outside in our beautiful parks and gardens. On view 18 maj 2023 – 29 september 2024.

Poster of an older woman.

Parks and gardens

Gardens at the Tumba Paper Mill have been created throughout the ages - some from necessity and some for pleasure. Today you can visit several gardens in the mill surroundings.

Close up on a wooden fence.
Photo: Ola Myrin, Tumba Paper Mill Museum/SHM.

The history of Swedish banknotes

The Oxhouse is the main building of the museum where you will find the entrance, a shop and a café. There is also an exhibition about the history of Swedish banknotes.

Items on display
Photo: Erik Lernestål, Tumba Paper Mill Museum/SHM.

Life at the mill

In Kölnan, one of the oldest houses on the grounds, you will find an exhibition about the people who lived and worked here.

In the exhibition, with a background picture of workers who lived and worked at the mill.
Photo: Ola Myrin, Tumba Paper Mill Museum/SHM.

The history of paper

In the Red Warehouse you will find an exhibition on the history of paper and paper manufacturing at Tumba.

Close up on handmade paper.
Photo: Ola Myrin, Tumba Paper Mill Museum/SHM.

The fire station

The old fire station displays an exhibition on fire protection at the mill.

Close up on the dashboard of the firetruck.
Photo: Jonathan Elbaz, Tumba Paper Mill Museum/SHM.

Previous exhibitions

We offer temporary exhibitions related to one of the museum's three main topics: banknotes and the history of the Swedish central bank (Riksbanken), the history and making of paper, and local history.

Closeup on children that are reading.
Photo: Erik Lernestål, Tumba Paper Mill Museum/SHM.