Overview of Tumba Paper Mill
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Visit at your own pace

The Tumba Paper Mill Museum is a museum about Sweden's banknote history. In four buildings there are exhibitions about the people who lived and worked at the mill. You are welcome to visit the museum at your own pace and download our audio guide – it is free of charge.


On the mill site you will find four buildings with different uses and character. Each building presents part of the mill, the origins of banknote production and its history. You can also enjoy something to eat or perhaps buy a souvenir of your visit.

Visit our exhibitions

An exhibition case showing old bank notes.
Photo: Ola Myrin, Tumba Paper Mill Museum/SHM (CC BY).

Listen to our audio guide

Want to find out more about Tumba Paper Mill Museum's exhibitions? We invite you to listen to our free audio guide. To access the audio guide, visit guide.tumbabruksmuseum.se

An audio guide on a smartphone screen.
Photo: Jens Mohr, Tumba Paper Mill Museum/SHM.